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The Prepared Guy ( aka Shane)

Shane is a life‐long prepper and prepared guy.  His work experience started as many young men’s do; mowing lawns for the neighbors.  After spending most of his hard earned lawn mowing money on climbing and outdoor gear at the local climbing shop he was offered a job by mountaineering guru Doug Hansen and as they say, the rest is history.  His professional work experience extends from real estate sales and land development to renewable energy system design and installation, corporate sales and construction management.  Additionally, his practical experience, training and certifications include traditional rock climbing and rigging, vertical caving, emergency medical technician (EMT), HAM radio, community emergency response team (CERT) certification, firearms expert, treasure hunting, off‐road driving and recovery and overall preparedness expert just to name a few.  Shane is also an avid outdoorsman and urban survivalists.

Shane creates our original content and publishes it at the popular blog and the PrepperConTV YouTube channel.  You can also check out some of his other outdoor adventures at and  Follow the Prepared Guy and PrepperCon on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.  Constantly monitoring global economic and geopolitical conditions Shane has his own unique perspective and interpretation of events and advice on how you can better prepare.

Married for over 21 years Shane is a father of five who concentrates his preparedness efforts around family, friends and community.  One of Shane’s philosophies and mottos, and basis for his preps, is to be not only always prepared but all ways prepared.  He believes that daily practical preparedness for even the small and seemingly minor everyday occurrences can make a noticeable difference for you and those you are prepared to assist.


Mr PrepperCon ( aka Scott )

Scott started Prepping at the Age of 13 when he first read My side of the Mountain. Inspired by the book, he challenged himself to learn various survival skills.  From this initial interest, his passion for prepping began to grow and grow.

While in high school, Scott participated in wrestling and learned the value of staying fit and mentally ready.  His coaches would always drill into him the understanding that wrestling is 10% perspiration and 90% mental preparation.  His drive for sports and focus on mental preparation were reinforced by many other skills which he obtained through participation in the Boy Scouts Of America.  Scott ultimately earned the highest scouting award of Eagle in 1995.

After completing high school, Scott served a two year mission for his church.  It was during this time that he witnessed his first major catastrophy.  While living in Hunters Creek, Florida, he experienced firsthand the devastation of F3 tornados and near F4 winds in the Kissimmee St Cloud Tornado Outbreak.   The next three weeks entailed massive volunteer cleanup efforts to assist the local population recover as quickly and as effectively as possible.  Upon returning home from his church service, Scott quickly returned to his individual prepping.  On his way to college, he threw together a small bug-out bag/72 hour kit.  Since then, the bug-out bag has evolved into a comprehensive project that he counts as one of his most prized possessions among his many other preps and skills.

Scott’s experiences all over the country have shown him that no matter where he goes, he can only ultimately rely on himself and his ‘preps’.  Since returning to Utah, Scott has augmented his prepping passion and now shares his knowledge with Boy Scouts, friends, neighbors, and strangers who express an interest.  Scott’s ultimate goal is to see PrepperCon expand across the nation and to spend his downtime living off grid in a home he and Jessica build together.

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